Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I love fabric.

I am Gina Halladay and I am a crafty girl. I have the need to create. I quilt, I knit, I embroider, and I have great skills with the hot glue gun, band saw and an 8” belt sander. I like glitter. I can wallpaper, design t-shirts for a high school rock band and conduct an interview with a mayor. You can find me organizing a school fundraiser and ordering groceries online. I give blood. Pretty much, I am a “do-er”.

But mostly, I like to quilt. I like to design them and sew them. I have a passion for quilting. I love fabric. (This is me in the photo with Amy Butler, textile designer...she is the tall one!)

I stay busy merchandising and promoting the quilting craft at Cozy Cottage Fabrics in Brea, Ca. where I currently manage the staff, take care of customers and the daily activities of the shop. I also teach classes in both knitting and quilting at the shop. Recently, I started writing on online column on my website Quilters Buzz.

In my column, I write about patterns, people, products and projects in the quilting industry. I enjoy seeing and exploring what is new and exciting in quilting and I like to interview interesting people, like textile artists (i.e. Amy Butler and Robyn Pandolph), pattern designers, and representatives from fabric and notions companies. Recently, I had the chance to conduct some interviews at the Pacific International Quilt Festival and while I was at Quilt Market in Houston this fall. I enjoy writing “in a lively and down-to-earth style” about the things and people in the quilting industry that I love.

I seek to inspire a younger generation of quilters as well as the seasoned quilter.

I am about to sign the lease on some studio space where I hope to design, sew, write and long arm quilt. I have eight original quilt patterns, which I am working to get distributed nationally. I am excited about the possibilities.

I have a degree in Communications/Journalism from Brigham Young University. For me, writing about quilting is about as good as it gets!

I am married with four kids who keep my husband, Hal, (also a blogger...check out Leader Notes) and me busy… with the PTA, Boy Scouts, church, school activities, sporting events and many kid-generated projects. Our daughter is in college, one son is in First Grade and we have a couple of sons in between!

We have lived an adventurous life and have made homes in and around the great cities of …Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Salt Lake City. Through my life’s experiences, I have met wonderful people who have inspired me to: be a better person; to strive to make the world a better place; and to always use my “crafty” talents. See my website at:
And Coming Soon…The Threaded Pear Studio, creators of quilted comforts.